This Blog is a place where I can share my thoughts and interesting things I learn while stumbling my way through life.

One of the best ways to understand and remember something is to have to explain or teach it to someone else. I often come back here and read my own posts. That may seem a bit narcissistic, but believe me it’s just to reconnect with something I learned a few years earlier.

You know when something resonates with you? When you go, Yes! That makes perfect sense. Usually it is something that you can see will already apply to one or more areas of your life for the better.

Books That I Recommend
Left brain right stuffLeft Brain Right Stuff by Phil Rosenzweig is all about the combination of factual analysis and guts and instinct when making decisions. It’s difficult to make a decision when your decision may change depending upon the decisions made by multiple often unknown parties. I learnt In a contest where winner takes all you need to be bold, there are often no prizes for second place. Click Here for more info…

End of jobs
The end of Jobs by Taylor Pearson really appealed to me. I’m already on board with flexible working practices. But I’m not entirely convinced that the next big shift is towards entrepreneurship. Let’s wait and see!
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The Advantage
The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni was a book I found while looking for ways to change the culture in our organisation. Others said, “No, we’ll sort that out later, there are more important things”. This meant putting up with disruptive employees, poor communication and a negative workplace. This book explains how to tackle these problems and implement solutions.
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Upside of Stress
The Upside of Stress by Kelly McGonical is a book I recommend everyone reads. This isn’t just for people in high pressure jobs, but for everyone. There are some great tools that you can use to reduce anxiety and it’s all backed up with scientific evidence and results of experiments and studies conducted on poor, unsuspecting, anxious people.
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