IBM Bluemix with Watson is Awesome

IBM WatsonI am always interested in the high availability could services offered by Google (google cloud), Microsoft (Azure), Amazon (AWS) and IBM (Bluemix). I checked all of them out and tested some of the different features of each recently for a project. I eventually settled on AWS based on pricing, flexibility and performance. But, the most interesting feature I came across was on IBM’s Bluemix platform.

There are several ways you can tap into IBM’s AI, Watson. You can harness the power of this AI to use in your website or web applications. I was skeptical at first, assuming it would be garbage, but I was wrong. There is something called ‘personality insights’. Where you enter a bunch of text written by someone and Watson will attempt to tell you about the personality of that person based on that text. I copied and pasted some text from an old university assignment, which was the first thing i could find. It pinpointed a couple of things about me that I would agree with! Try it yourself

Personality profile


So I decided to explore more. There are a heap of different services that Watson offers such as¬†interactive chat / help for users on your website, translation, tone and¬†emotion analysis and visual recognition tasks. There is a full list available here My problem when I last tested the services was that the API was only accessible from Node.js, and I know nothing about Node.js, but a lot about php. After giving up on my second Node.js tutorial (it just wasn’t sinking in) I threw the towel in. But now I see they are offering their services in CURL, which I know php supports!

I think this is a fantastic service and the other major cloud service providers are going to try and offer their own alternative, some already are. But IBM have a head start as they have been developing Watson for a while now. I’m sure you’ve read about Microsoft’s recent failure, Tay, who lasted 16 hours before being corrupted into asking people for sex and becoming a fascist